Audience feedback on Pandora’s Box – thank you everyone!

We're so grateful to everyone who sent us their feedback. We've selected a few examples below.

If you're on facebook, please click here to also check out the wonderful audience responses to the play on the Pandora's Box event page.Thank you so much to everyone who took the time and trouble to express their support and passion. Much appreciated!

Selected audience feedback:

"Have just returned – with my fifteen year old son – from Pandora's Box. A wonderful, absolutely brilliant play and evening. We loved it. And have bought a copy of the play to enjoy again."

Elizabeth Dudley, British-Nigeria Education Trust

It inspired my son no end and he got to appreciate his roots and the sacrifices African parents make a lot more. Well done. My only regret is that the show hasn't had a longer run. " 
 Moses Anibaba, Director, British Council, Ghana 

“Brilliant play. Fantastic cast. It was like a party no-one wanted to leave! Congratulations. You are outstanding and so is your writing. Poignant, hilarious, deeply affecting.” Juliet Alexander

"I loved your play. I laughed and cried. My daughter was equally impressed (and you know our teenagers tell it like it is and she was nothing but complimentary about it)." 
 Tess Essan, KICC 

"Well done! The play had the audience enthralled." Tolu Somolu

“Overheard someone on the bus saying how fab the play was and had to step in to say I’m going to see it too.”   Bolanle Okusanya

“Well done for putting on such an excellent play, with such powerful messages that resonate on many levels.” Matilda Macattram, Director, Black Mental Health UK

"A brilliantly vibrant show and very vital. You found the perfect venue for it."
 Lauren Gauge, Off West End Theatre Awards 

“Congratulations on your show. Very thought-provoking, and spoke so directly to the audience. I loved it!” Lynne Gaglianno, Education Officer, The Royal Court

“Went to see the play with a few friends. We came out laughing and discussing the issues. It’s a brilliant piece of writing. Touched on not one but many dilemmas we face as part of a family and the diaspora. The buzz outside was as busy as any West End show I’ve been to.” Marcia Sledge

"Pandora's Box tonight was a brilliant no, excellent show. 10/10 for an excellent cast and an amazing story line …It was funny, well-written, spot on and some parts, thought provoking. Well done everyone." Muka Mukss

"Morning. I felt the need to tel you AGAIN how much I thoroughly enjoyed Pandora’s Box. I am so proud of you, my sister.” Rosemary Laryea, Broadcaster Jazz FM

“Congrats on a brilliant, funny and moving script. I’m coming back again with my cousin tonight. Hope there’ll still be tickets!” Rolake Akinkugbe

“This play is brilliantly written …The opening of Pandora’s Box symbolizes the effect of migration on African families. It depicts the inter-generational and emotional difficulties that African (including West Indian) families experience in the pursuit of better economic opportunities abroad. This issue has been left untouched for too long” Yaa Asantewa

"I was completely gripped by the story … the writing and the acting was superb. Thank you!"Catriona Silver, Collective Artistes

“Loved the play. I’m going to bring loads of my school children to see it. I’m even prepared to spend days and days completing the bureaucratic forms necessary! Keep me posted PLEEEEEEZE.” Penny Felix

"Well done! Congratulations! I keep meeting people who’ve watched the play and the feedback has been amazing!" Ade Omoloja

"Big, big congratulations on Pandora's Box. Thoroughly enjoyed it. This needs to tour!" Alex Omo Pius, Iroko Theatre Company

“I so so enjoyed the play. It was warm and funny and smart, and found the most marvelous balance between serious political critique, difficult family dynamic; between the specificity of Nigerian/UK experience and the universality of themes about home and loss and alienation and trans-generational conversations – I was thrilled to see so many people turning to each other and nudging each other and recognizing themselves and their family and friends on stage … “ Nadia David, Lecturer, Queen Mary College

"Congratulations! The storyline is so topical and the humour you used was hysterical … hard-hitting themes explored in such a creative and dramatic way really held the audience on the edge of their seats. West End transfer next, please!" Olu Alakija

“ I must commend you once again for writing such a powerful play. I loved every minute of it. – the story was strong and the actors were brilliant too. A really accomplished piece – very cathartic too. Theatre should move and shake your soul and you managed to do that wonderfully." Sheila Ruiz, Events Manager, Royal African Society

“Amazing, lively, heart-tugging play. A must see." Arike Aiyetigbo

“Needs to tour” Chizzy Akudolu (Actress, Casualty)

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